Her Royal Closet - Part II

This is the closet I created for Rella
for the Marie Antoinette swap.

I took two narrow, wooden boxes,
removed the latches, and hooked
them together, creating the 'armoire'.

The front and inside are decorated with digital
papers from Tattered, and the doors are
framed with German foil paper borders.

There are perfume bottles created with beads,
a gold dish filled with jewel bits, paper shoes,
and a hoop of fabric that I stitched the 'M' on,
using the needle that is in the fabric.

I love miniatures, so I had fun creating everything,
like the little paper mache hat boxes......

and the gown made from sheer fabric and lace.

I would have to say, that this is probably
the most fun project I've ever created.

Thanks again Rella, for hosting this amazing swap.
Creating this closet for you was the most
fun I could have imagined.


Home and Heart said...

Are you kidding me??? This is AMAZING!! Gorgeous!

Terri said...

Wow Debi! This closet is amazing and Rella is going to be over the moon about it! You did an incredible job on the entire project. Every detail is lovely.

Rella said...

Rella was and still IS over the moon for this closet...I am uploading photos now on my blog to sing and dance about this closet that I so love. I am not sure I have ever received anything so amazingly beautiful!!

Hugs galore
xoxox Rella

Shabby Kim said...

OMGosh Debi, it's stunning!! What a wonderful piece of art you have created. Your attention to detail is just amazing. Rella is going to love it.

Lori said...

i just saw this on Rella's blog...i am blown away Debi...your closet is over the top gorgeous...all of the sweet details...you really thought of everything...and you put it together with such attention to detail...what a treasure!!!

Julie Ann said...

Debi- your piece is just Exquisite!!!! Every little detail is just perfect! What an incredible piece this is!

Mary said...

oh my gosh! The closet you made is just gorgeous! I LOVE all of the details! You put so much work into it, and it shows! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!

Karen said...

(How polite was that? That was sooooooo not what I really said!)
MY GOODNESS WOMAN! You are amazing!
Excuse me for now - I have to go find my chin - it's rolling around on the floor somewhere . . .

Awesome! Beautiful! Fab!
HUGS! Karen

Leanne said...

wow ... these Marie closets I've been seeing are amazing, just amazing. Imagine what one could do with a closet and make the interior functional -- to hold the bits and pieces?

I think something like this just got put on my to do list....

Claudia said...

Debi, I saw this over at Rella's blog and went nuts! Every detail is exquisite. I would have fainted had this arrived on my doorstep.



Anonymous said...

oh debi, debi, debi!
can i come over there and play in your studio with you! please...i promise I'll be a good girl and not tip over any bead jars...or yummy baskets of gorgeous lace.

that is so adorable...
i want to pull my daughter's miniature doll furniture collection out of the closet and set up a spectacular display...

so glad you shared!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Elyse said...

debi, debi, DEBI!

this is really and truly amazing and the fun you were having shows through in the obvious "just one more tiny detail" details! really amazing! did i just say that? well, it's worth repeating!

revel in your creativity!!!


stefanie said...

that is one of the prettiest things I HAVE ever seen....its gorgeous!!!

Debby said...

Hi Debi,
I just found you by way of RELLA!!!! Oh that lucky girl to receive your gorgeous closet. It is totally amazing, I love every little detail and the beauty of it. YUM!!!!

Rella said...

Me again...Rella...the 'Debby' above me here is THE Debby that made the darling Sister's Closet that is pictured over at MA as the concept closet for our swap...yes, indeed. So, SHE started it all loooong ago! lolol

xox Rella

GardenofDaisies said...

OMG!! The M.A. closets that you made for each other are incredible!!!!! So many tiny details!! WOW!

Katsui Jewelry said...

What wonderful treats from the wedding swap! They are wrapped sp beautifully.

Your Marie closet is beyond belief! I love love love it!

Come and visit our less than three month blog, Katsui, sometime. It's not really all about out jewelry! Honestly!



ANA ROSA. said...

Es realmente precioso!!!
Un saludo.

kiwicarole said...

Your miniature work is incredible!! WOW! You are one very clever girl!!

Liberty Biberty said...

Oooooooh!! Your little closet is just gorgeous! As is the one you recieved from Rella. You've both used such pretty, pretty colours!

Thank you for the comment you left me...yes, you must get that dollhouse finished! I can already tell it will be beautiful!

Creative Grammie said...

Hey Debi; Your pink studio is absolutely divine! Everything is absolutely precious; pink cupcake pans and filled with pink paper cups! I would love to display more of my supplies, but they'd get dusty and dirty before I could use them.
Thank so much for sharing your space.

Violet said...

WHat an amazing idea, to attach two boxes to make a 'closet'!!! and then decorated so pretty.
~ Violet

Jeanne said...

This is SO VERY BEAUTIFUL!!! I love all the tiny details. The dress is exquisite and that teeny embroidery hoop is adorable. I can see why you enjoyed working on this so much.

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

I have NEVER seen anything so adorable. I want one!! You are one talented lady. Fantastic!!