Welcome To My Studio

I'm excited to be participating in Karen's blog party
again this year, and to show you where I create.

Here are a few of my latest creations.

For me, creating provides an escape from the tension
and stress of everyday responsibilities. It clears my mind
when health problems become too much to handle.
It helps me keep my sanity.

My studio is my haven from the outside world.

Nothing bad ever happens here.

It's where I dream.....and play.

It is filled with things I love:

Sweet swaps and gifts from blogging friends.....

reminders of loved ones lost....

and loved ones who are my life......

and pretty things that just make me happy.

When I'm creating, I like total silence......

no music, no TV......

just the sounds of my family when they gather in my room.

My studio is filled to capacity....
yet there is always room for one more pretty thing.

My walls are a soft, soothing yellow
that is a perfect backdrop for the abundance of pink.

This is my favorite place to be. It comforts
me, and fills me with inspiration and joy.

Thanks for stopping by.

To see more beautiful and inspiring spaces,

Creativity makes a leap,
then looks to see
where it is.
--Mason Cooley


BucksCountyFolkArt said...

Now THAT'S what I call a studio! So pretty, organized, and inspiring. Mine is more just.....functional! I'll get there someday, like when the kids are grown and out of the house. Basically, 20 years from now!


Terri said...

Wow Debi! I am stunned at the pink beauty of your art room. What an amazing place to create.
I even noticed the pink cupcake tins. What a fab idea. I love that you put the papers in too.
You are so creative!

Terri Gordon said...

Oh Debi, What a beautiful post and such a beautiful art studio, I just love it. I wish I could visit and see this beauty in person. I took me forever to get through your post, I love to look at all the things in each picture. What an inspirational place to create. I love your vintage camera's. I hope you are feeling better, you are in my thoughts. Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for sharing. Hugs, Terri

Kiki said...

Super gorgeous..and super dreamy..fabulous!

A Vintage Chic said...

Every single little detail is sheer perfection, Debi--I love every nook and cranny of your creating room...from the dreamy creamy yellow of your walls, to every pink and pretty thing!

Thanks so much for sharing your haven with us!


Rita said...

Oh Debi,
your studio is simply stunning. so much beauty in one place...and so many gorgeous things to embellish it!
I wish I had a studio - a retreat from the rest of the world to sit in peace and harmony and create.

Elyse said...

hi debi,

i just slowed-down, relaxed and took-in every image and word. your studio is so dreamy and organized, too! i can see why you love to spend so much time in there. just install a cafe and there you go!

i really love your raggamuffin-style garland on the window.

i smiled a big smile when i saw a few things from our swaps!


glad you posted early. i just did, too!

stefanie said...

simply breath taking!!! it does seem like a perfect place to get away!!! I adore your pink muffin tin!

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

Your creative space is so dreamy!!!


Connie said...

Uuuummmmm, can we trade, sugar?! Ohmy, how stunning and I would expect nothing less from you, chick. Just adorable and so froufrou, which is something I adore.

Mine should be up any minute if you care to visit.


Claudia said...

Hi Debi!

A Perfectly Pink Creative space. I'm not at all surprised. You are so talented and you have fashioned a wonderful space for your creative endeavors. I loved seeing everything. I have a feeling I'll come back and look through the photos again.

I love what you said: 'nothing bad ever happens here' - isn't that true? I always feel the most relaxed when I'm totally focused on creating. These spaces are our safe havens.


Scrap for Joy said...

Your space is inspiring and beautiful Debi! I especially love your collection of dress forms (I collect them, too...wire ones and rubber stanp ones) and I love the shabby scrap valance-so lovely!
Thanks for sharing your room with us.

Michele Seraphim said...

WOW! What a beautiful space you have created... a beautiful world of pink love and yellow sunshine! It reminds me of a sweet candy shop in Victorian days with cakes and cupcakes and candy for the soul and eyes to feast on! I wouldn't get a thing done for the love of just being in this room! It was wonderful to be a part of your sharing this room... I shall have sweet dreams tonight. Thank you.

Lisa said...

I adore your space. It is always a treat to visit it! I get inspired just looking at it!
Hugs, Lisa

Lou said...

Ohhh Deb your space is just beautiful!!! I cant totally relate to escaping and having peace and quiet.... and the reason with your health... I love your curtain swag... not sure if that is the correct word.... but just beautiful and what a gorgeous idea!!! Every thing is taotally gorgeous and you give new meaning to "pretty in pink"..
Have a lovely weekend,
Love Lou xx

I see the bridge! said...

Ohhh Swoon! Just beautiful and I so understand the reason to escape 'health issues' and what a beautiful place you have to do so.
I adore your photos, they are dreamy!
Kiss Noises Linda

Anonymous said...

How adorable! I love your pink ribbon banner you have hanging, I won't even ask if you made it! I love all your mini wire mannequins too. I have a pregnant one!
Thanks for sharing, marcia

Ginger said...

I feel so calm after seeing you beautiful studio. You have done your magic everywhere I looked in the room. Such beauty, I would love to create there also. Loved all your touches of love to your place. It makes my tensions go away also when I am creating. Thanks for sharing your beautiful studio.


GardenofDaisies said...

Your studio is absolutely beautiful!! I love your rag valance, your cupcake storage, the hats, the beads, the lace... sooooo PRETTY!!!

scrapwordsmom said...

What a darling, inspiring and tranquil space. Thank you so very much for sharing!!!


Caleen said...

What a lovely space filled with lots of pink.. So delish! Love it all. I can tell you are passionate about creating.. There is a great feel about your space.. Enjoyed looking.. Thank you for sharing. Have a lovely weekend.

KatCollects said...

Oh my gosh, your studio is so beautiful! I would love to know more about the strips of fabric banner. It was fun seeing the collage, hat and little doll in your photos, it made me smile! And I love your theory, there is always room for one more pretty thing : )

Carole said...

beautiful. so pretty :)

Ineke van den Akker said...

Wow! What a beauty in MY color! I love it!
greetings from Holland,

Karen said...

Oh Debi. we are camping and I have to view all this from my iPad but just couldn't wait to see your wonderful space. I love every single inch of it! I laughed when you said you have to have it quiet when you work. Me too! But hubby just had to install a tv in case he happened to be in there.
Love it all. Love your pink muffin tins! I think I could probably spend hours in there just going through everything.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Hugs! Karen

Anonymous said...

Good morning Debi,

And what a wonderful WBC morning this is!

I just love where you create! Full of light and beautiful things. And I love your 39 Squares Project! Beautiful work - heavenly studio! Sigh. :)


Anonymous said...

debi! debi! debi!

i came, i saw, i drooled, i looked slowly, i looked enviously, i drooled again!

your studio is bliss!
everything is perfectly laid out!
all of your supplies, brushes, tags, papers, sewing patterns, vintage cameras, everything is bliss! so pretty...so pink!

well done!
in fact, i'm going back for more!
now i want to come and play 'quietly' in there! !!!

ciao bella!!!!!
creative carmelina

tina said...

You have a beautiful studio! I love how you have all those bits organised in such fun way...a muffin tin! I have a couple of those!!
Thanks for sharing...I am going to finally have my studio and am spending time looking for inspiration...I love the chandelier on the wall!

tales from an oc cottage said...

Just dreamy!

m ^..^

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Debi, What an amazing space to create. Your treasures and supplies are pure eye candy to a creative mind. Just love every bit of your dreamworld. The chandy on the wall is a wonderful touch. So many inspiring ideas here. Thank you for sharing.

Have fun at the parties.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

Robin said...

Oh So SWEET! I wanted to touch everything. So soft, so romantic. I could so create there! ~Robin~

Queen Bee said...

What a fantastic space! Your apothecary jars filled with goodies are great and so are those head vases!
Queen Bee Studio

Inn Country said...

Wow! Such Beauty I would love to create in the beautiful place each and everyday I love everything all the pink all the detail is just stunning i love your vintage postcards hanging and I love your window the most how you have hung everything!

have a beautifully Pink Day Lisa

Jeanne said...

Your studio is stunning! Love, love, love all the pink! I'm ready to move right in. Such great ideas too. I've got to go bag and study your photos one more time. I love when you said, "Nothing bad ever happens here." You are SO right - our studios are a place to escape whatever is happening in the "real" world.
Thanks for sharing...

Violet said...

Oh Debi, Your romm is so BEAUTIFUL, every square inch is decorated so fun, and with such wonderful and creative ways to store your supplies! You must feel delight every time you walk in!!! I must come back to visit.
~ Violet

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hello Deb... I see you live in Utah like I do... we are blessed with such a beautiful place to call home... your studio is gorgeous... and it so reflects my own sentiments about my loved ones who have passed on as well as those still surrounding me... I too like the quiet when I create... your special spot is so serene looking and I love all of your vintage items, including your head vases...thanks for sharing such precious treasures... I wrote the same thing on my post... only good things happen here! xoxo Julie Marie

Lisa said...

THanks for the comments on my blog! I love yours! You are in my favorites and I read your updates asap! When planning my studio I kind of, um copied some of you! My pink room... oh my I love it (pink is just yummy!)but your is a kind of the holy grail of scraprooms!! I could live in there! I just go to yours and look and sigh!
Enjoy your day girl!
Happy Scrappin'

June said...

Debi it is just beautiful in here! So many lovely things to inspire. I am so glad that I was able to come and tour your pretty place. I am certain that lovely things are made in here.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What a wonderfully creative space!

I adore your storage solutions. They have inspired me.

Gail said...

What a beautifully sweet space, thank you so much for sharing it with us!

oldgreymare said...

It appears you have created a perfect refuge for you and your family.

So very pretty.

Enjoy the party and thanks for popping by my place.

: }


Gypsy Fish said...

It's all so pretty...like a tray full of pretty confections. Thanks so much for stopping by my studio as well....
gypsy hugs

Tobi Britton*pinkpixieforest.blogspot.com said...

oh, the yummy pinkness of it all!
Thanks for having us over!
Sparkly Hugs,
Tobi and the Pixies!

CATHY said...

Hi Debi,
Such a lovely studio. I could get lost in there! And so neat. Does it really always look like this? : ) The muffin tin is adorable. Thanks so much for stopping by my studio. Cheers from Brussels.

Anonymous said...

hi debi!
i wasn't sure if you'd posted anything new..so i popped in here to check!

but...your gorgeous studio is still here..and so i nosed around a bit more....

i could get lost in some serious play in there!


ciao bella
creative carmelina

Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

Debi, Extremely FUN, soothing, pretty, charming, delicious, inspiring and a host of other similar sentiments! Adore that pink polka dotted table top and the torn fabric scraps valance. Just plain darling and oh so playful! So many of your pretties are items I could mistake for my own as we seem to like the same kinds of pretties! Such an enjoyable visit. You had asked about my paint color & am happy to share the info. It is a Behr paint from Home Depot called Valley Mist [460E-2] in an eggshell finish. Xo, Sue

BLISS angels said...

How could you not craft beautiful things with a room so pretty and girly, I love it. even on a cold winter day in must feel like walking in to heaven thank you for sharing it with me ~Wendy at blissangels. If you get time pop over and see me the kettle is on Tea or coffee???

natalea said...

pink dreaminess!! xo

Anonymous said...

I had a lovely time touring your dreamy sanctuary!

Have a wonderful week!


Saltbox Treasures said...

WOW! So many pretty things! I love the cupcake tin organizers!
~ Julie

Sandy Michelle said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comments about my studio. I really enjoyed taking a peek into your dreamy art studio as well! I also loved reading what your studio means to you :)

Sandy xox

the gypsy said...

What a pretty pink place! It's a delight to view and such pretty creations!

jen said...

Oh Debi that space of yours look more and more fabulous every time I see it! The dress forms and pink muffin tins are just adorable!
Have a great 4th!

luvs and glitter

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

I just thought I would tell you that I have been on your site for about an hour.....I have to quiT! My goodness, I have never seen such creativeness...and all the swaps! AMAZING!!

kluless said...

Your art space is just stunning and I am so happy that you were able create a place that is such a haven for you. Mine looks nothing like yours and sometimes bad things DO happen in mine - LOL! but it gives me that same sense of calm when I am in there. A special place just for me. Thank you for sharing. I loved looking at all the eye candy!

Liz said...

LOVELY! LOVELY! LOVELY! I love every bit of this room! :) How fun!!


Gloria Westerman said...

This is so pretty.....I absolutely love it... it is soft and comforting and so smoothing......thank you for sharing.....

Karen Valentine said...

Debi, it's all wonderful! A pink girly girl studio heaven! I especially liked the torn fabric valance. It is too cute! Thank you so much for joining the party! I really enjoyed my visit. Oh and the crown you made for your rush party is Fab!!!
My Desert Cottage

Anna said...

Wow, so fun and feminine and so organized. What a space. Love your pink cupcake tins. Thanks so much for sharing!

Linda Robinson said...

What a great space... So Girly, I love it! Thank for letting us take a peek inside I enjoyed my visit!


Terri said...

OK what do you get when you mix some pink...OK a lot of pink with delicious..."Pink-alicious' And that is what your studio is Oh my goodness, Debi what a beautiful space! TFS.

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

Now that is a lot of eye candy !

Cassandra said...

OH MY GOODNESS! Your studio is a DREAM! A beautiful creating paradise! WOW I don't know a studio yet, but there are plans for one, and when I do get it, I will adore it head to toe just like yours. STUNNING and FULL OF DETAIL!

donnaj said...

very pretty room- love the window treatments,may have to copy that idea!

Dawn said...

I would say you have the most girly room I have seen, what a dreamy room to create in.
Wow all those fun display pieces.
Glad I stopped in to visit for the hop.

La Doña Jenny said...

Oh my gosh Debi, what a beautiful space - some many pretties all over. Love, love all the organized goodies - Love your broggerette rush crown too.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I love your curtain/valance treatment! Thank you so much for inviting us to visit.

dana said...

Woooo-weee! I could pull up a chair next to you in that studio and work away...I want to make a gorgeous crown like you did for The Rush! What a fantastic retreat you have created for yourself!! Every little area is so sweetly decorated and organized....I LOVE it!! Your valance is so clever, too!

Thank you for this wonderful tour!! dana

miss lynn said...

ooohh! yummy
eye candy!
love the pink
muffin tins!
happy day!

Beth A. said...

Debi, You have a wonderful studio! I love it all!

Anonymous said...

What an absolutely lush, beautiful, inspiring studio you have! No wonder it fills you with joy..and no wonder you make such wondrous art with all of those carefully gathered treasures to stir your creative juices.

Thank you so much for having us in. This is definitley one of my favourite studios...


Halle said...

So much pink and beautiful things. So feminine!

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

I'm late in getting by to visit but oh how glad I am that I stopped by!Wow! That about covers it...just WOW! Love your rag tie valance & teh stenciled chandelier...love everything about the room in fact! Thanks so much for stopping by to see me....love your space!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Your studio is beatiful, Debi! I have enjoyed looking at your wonderful space and could be lost in there just looking at all the little bits and bobs.

Also, I love the crown you made for your "rush" project!

Miss Sandy said...

Magical! Viewing your studio brought me such joy, it was so pretty to look at, like the pages of a favorite magazine, full of inspiration. I can see why you so inspired to create your beautiful art in this space. Thank you for sharing your creative haven.

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Those cupcake pans full of little tidbits are so tempting and what a great window treatment for your studio. Everything works together so nicely. Thanks for the visit. Connie

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I am still getting to everyones creative space! Your is just lovely, a sea of pink! I can see why it is your special place!


elizabeth said...

thanks for sharing your beautiful studio it was a lovely trip

Anonymous said...

your studio is gorgeous an absolute inspiration i love your work it is always beautiful

Seaside Rose Creations said...

I want to rent that room! LOL I'd live there for peace alone. I can see why your creations are so beautiful. They begin in that beautiful space.
Thanks for sharing!

Artzy Heart said...

What an amazing space! I just love all that romantic pink memorabilia. I've only had my studio for a few days, but it wants to be just like yours when it grows up.

Sandy said...

What a beautiful studio!!!!
I love everything!!

Anonymous said...

Your studio reminds me of a delicious French pastry - one giant big treat.

Really love the window with the swag of fabric strips and mini dress forms. There is just so much to look at and enjoy. :D

photogal said...

Such a beautiful studio. And your post was a lovely testament to how much your own space means to you. I can certainly relate to your feelings. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.