My French/Marie Ephemera Book

With two assigned partners, we swapped fabrics, ribbons,
laces, buttons, ephemera, etc. Then, we were to create
a book for ourselves. Here's my finished book.

My book is 11x10, and 5 inches thick.

Robin made beautiful fabric tags

beautiful hankie pocket created by Terri

Terri and Robin, I had so much fun creating
my book with all of the beautiful goodies
you sent me. Thank you so much!

You can visit Terri and Robin and see
the beautiful books they created.


Hydrangea Envy

It seems I'm seeing hydrangeas everywhere.

Blog after blog of beautiful blooms in buckets, bottles,
old drawers.....every kind of container imaginable.

I have a serious case of hydrangea envy.
So, I thought I would share my hydrangeas.

They are not in a bucket, or a bottle, or some other creative
and clever container. They remain on the bush because
this is it. What you see, is all there is.
I have one little bush, that like me, is moving slow
and struggling hard to grow and bloom.

But, one day, I will have lots of beautiful hydrangeas.
I better start collecting my creative containers!


Sweet, Simple Pleasure

Today, I'm working playing on a fun little project for a swap.

But, I needed a sweet, little break for my favorite summertime treat.

I love to cut the whole watermelon into small chunks
and keep it in a ziploc baggie in the refrigerator.

Then, when I want that sweet treat, all I need is a bowl.

Hope you're enjoying a sweet, simple pleasure today!


Making Rosettes

I just discovered a beautiful blog called Gypsy Brocante.

There is a wonderful tutorial on how to make rosettes.

So, I have been giving them a try....and they're fun!

I need lots of practice, but I'm willing!

Jill is having a Rosette Swap & giveaway!

Check it out....it's sure to be fun!


Changing My Style?

NEVER!  But......

The other day, while out shopping with hubby......

 I spotted this pattern, and suddenly loved, liked,
felt like I could tolerate summer!

Then, we saw this set! And we fell in love.

Truth be told, I love alot of different styles.

And, I'm thinking now, why can't I embrace
those different styles throughout my home?

The same style does not have to flow from room
to room for me to love my home. This way,
there's a fun surprise around every corner.

It's still a work in progress, but I'm loving my 'new' back porch.

Ahhhh, yes. I think summer will be better now!


Le Petit Chandelier

After trying to resist signing up for Heather's tutorial,
I finally gave in. I don't know why I even try to resist
things I really want. It was so much fun to make!

I used what I already had, didn't have to buy a single thing.

I'm very pleased with the way it turned out......

and will definitely be making more!

Thanks Heather, for another great tutorial!


One Year Later

My dad.
December 25, 1923 - July 8, 2009

I miss you dad.
Thanks for everything!


I Think I'm Back!

After a few days at the cabin, I think my burnout
is over. I spent the week just relaxing, and creating.

My new sewing machine came right before we left,
so I took it with me, to try it out.

It's quiet and smooth, a real dream to sew with.

I worked on some more pages for my French/Marie Book.

Using the beautiful fabrics, flowers, laces, etc.
that I received in the Marie ephemera swap
has been so much fun!

I also created this little cake for Lisa while away.
This is for the Let Them Eat Cake swap,
and it's filled with little goodies.

It just feels so good to be rested up and ready to go!
Now, I just want to go on a creating binge!