A New Love & a Giveaway

While on our cabin retreat last week, my sister and I
tried our hand at creating jewelry.....and we're hooked.

I made this first necklace for my little sister. She's
the same age as my daughter, and lives in Colorado.
I got to see her last month, which was such a treat.

After the first one, I couldn't stop. So, I made this one for me.

And this one.

The funny thing is, I don't actually wear jewelry because
being a borderline hermit, I'm usually in my jammies.

Do you think the mailman will find it odd
that I wear jewelry with my jammies?

Now, I also had to make a necklace in this beautiful blue
that is fast becoming a favorite of mine.

So, I made this one for YOU.

If you would like to win this necklace, just leave a comment
on this post. I will draw a winner this Friday, the 20th.

Easy Peasy!


Lynn Stevens said...

I'd say your hooked! and they are all so lovely, an I first? first never wins but I'd love to be entered!

A Vintage Chic said...

They're just gorgeous, Debi! I love how you're combining everything--so beautiful! And how generous are you to give one away?!

And personally, I find nothing at all wrong with wearing jewelry and pajamas together....I think it's quite elegant!

Have a wonderful night!


Anonymous said...

So sweet of you to share with one of use...they're all beautiful!

Home and Heart said...

Your pieces are just lovely!! I would love to have one to wear with my jammies!!!Thank you so much for the chance to win one!!

Caroline said...

Its so pretty! I've never tried making jewellery...all those little pieces. Thanks for sharing your artistic abilities with us once again. I would love it if you threw my name in the hat!

Claudia said...

I keep flirting with the idea of making jewelry - boy, your creations are beautiful! One would never know you just started making it! Great work.


PS I love the idea of wearing jewelry in my jammies!

Awishdream said...

Hi Debi, Love your beautiful new jewelry making! Would love a chance to win your necklace!

Melanie :)

Anonymous said...

So lovely - all of them!! I wish I had the patience to make jewelry but I don't, so I would love to win
your beautiful necklace! I recently discovered your blog thru Pretty Petals, thanks for the inspiration and fun giveaway.

Ozma of Odds said...

...lol Debi!!! ~ and I say, who cares what the mailman thinks! This is our experience and WE alone write our story, so where what makes you feel beautiful. Even in your jammies!!!
~ and yes, I'd like a chance at your necklace so that I may where it with MY JAMMIES TOO!!!!!!teehehehe...and who knows, maybe even a crown!!!
xo, Rosemary

Ozma of Odds said...

...my bad...simply must correct my spelling error...wear/not where...ooiiiieeeee!!!
xo, Rosemary

Terri Gordon said...

Hi Debi, I am so glad that you are making jewelry, isn't it fun, I don't wear jewelry much either but love to make it. Your necklaces are beautiful. Thanks for sharing, I love the color combo's you have used. Have a wonderful week. Hugs, Terri

Karen said...

If I had some chain - I'd be using my beads too! Every one is so inspiring!
And a giveaway!
YAY! Thanks! Love it!

Janene said...

I love that you're making jewelry now. They look great too. Cindy gave me the jewelry she made me and I love it. You are so creative (and talented).

Rella said...

Oh My.....now you are creating jewelry?! What a fun project to do with your sister! Gorgeous and the colors you both picked are so lovely.

How was the whole time away with Sis and how are YOU doing, my friend?

xox Rella

Sharon said...

Good morning Debi! Personally I don't think I would care whether the mailman thought I was crazy or not if it feels good do it is my motto. Your work is beautiful and I would be honored to wear it. Unfortuantely I will not be wearing it to much in my jammies, since I work outside the home but I would be wearing it out and about..take care

MosaicMagpie said...

It is so much fun to find something new to do that brings so much enjoyment to your day. I know you are proud of these necklaces, they are great. Such a great look to them. You really have developed your own style.
and YES I would love to win one!

Holly Moore said...

Debi thank you for the sweet comments on my blog. Your jewelry is delicious! I can't beleive you are just starting. It is so addicting! Thanks for the chance to win. Hugs! H

Lynn said...

Jewelry now too? Wow, good for you, it's really fun to try new things isn't it? You are really great at the necklace designs too :)