Express Yourself

Dare to be an Original

It takes courage to grow up and be who you really are.
--E.E. Cummings

Embrace your uniqueness.
Time is much too short
to be living someone else's life.
--Kobi Yamada

Don't die with your music still in you.
--Wayne Dyer

We are what we pretend to be,
so we must be careful
what we pretend to be.
--Kurt Vonnegut

Be who you are and say what you feel,
because those who mind don't matter,
and those who matter don't mind.
--Dr. Seuss


Bloggerette Sorority Sisters

Fall Findings Swap
Karen hosted a beautiful swap
for the Bloggerette Sorority Sisters.
We were to decorate a cigar box
and fill it with fall findings.

This is the box I created for my partner Joy.

Joy and I share so much in common,
it was fun putting together a gift for her.

I created this tussie mussie using vintage lace and beads,
along with soft yellow roses, pumpkins and some bling.

And the little witch wall hanging was fun to make. he he he!

And, this is the beautiful box Joy created for me!

There's been some serious swooning going on here!

Did I mention I LOVE this box?

And, this sweet image is on the inside of the lid.

The first treasure inside the box was this
positively dreamy cuff she created for me.

And then, I just kept digging and finding more and more......

OMGosh! LOOK at this gold shoe pin!!!
Does that not look just like a Marie Antoinette shoe?  *swoon*

This lovely vintage pin cushion is going
to look so pretty on my sewing table.

I am so over-the-top thrilled with all these beautiful treasures!

Thank you so much Joy!!!

Oh, let's have one more peek at that beautiful box!!!

To see more beautiful Fall Findings, visit Karen's blog.


Christmas Marie Arch Swap

Just creating the night away working
on a fun Christmas swap.

Heading to bed now. One of these years, I'm going
to get myself on a 'regular people' schedule. lol


What's Up With This?

Fall just started last week....finally!

Was that all there was?

I haven't even put things away yet....poor little Wilbur.

Oh, I need a big cup of hot chocolate. *sigh*


Aliments Fête de Noël Recipe Swap

Guess what? I'm hosting my first-ever swap,
on the Marie Antoinette Mail Art site! And,
I couldn't be more excited!!!

We're going to make recipe books and share
our favorite Christmas recipes with each other.

This is the cover I made for my book.

And this is the page I made to share.

It feels both strange, and exciting,
to be on this end of a swap.

Maybe....one day I'll host one here on my blog.


What I Love About Fall

The cool, crisp air....

crisp, juicy apples....

hot soup with crackers....

scented candles....

little pumpkins....

trick or treaters.....

thanksgiving dinner with my family....

the warm, vibrant colors.

What do you love about fall?


Creative Challenge

Sonia hosted a Creative Challenge

The challenge was to create something
using this sweet image.

So, I made this Christmas pillow. But.....

the competition is TOUGH!!!

I think I'm getting a complex! lol

Please....I'm begging....well, more like asking nicely, for your vote.

You can check out the beautiful entries here.


More Pretty Swap Gifts

Halloween Marie ATC Swap

I love how Terri put the little October calendar
behind Marie. And I wish you could see her amazing layering!

I love the glittered web and witch hat on Holly's card,
and the pretty lace that surrounds the web.

Some of the print behind Marie is raised, and
I love the black trim and glittered mask Rhonda added.
Thank you ladies....I love my cards!

I love being part of the Marie Antoinette mail art group.
They are some of the most creative, talented and sweet people!

Victorian Cuff Swap

I received this beautiful cuff from Amanda.
She does not have a blog yet.

She said this was her first cuff ever.

Can you believe that?

I love the fun shape of it, and it's made out
of a pretty, soft, shimmery fabric.

Thank you Amanda....I love it!!