Aliments Fête de Noël Recipe Swap

Guess what? I'm hosting my first-ever swap,
on the Marie Antoinette Mail Art site! And,
I couldn't be more excited!!!

We're going to make recipe books and share
our favorite Christmas recipes with each other.

This is the cover I made for my book.

And this is the page I made to share.

It feels both strange, and exciting,
to be on this end of a swap.

Maybe....one day I'll host one here on my blog.


Robin Sanchez said...

Wow that was fast.....we just talked about it a few days ago. Count me in. I LOVE your cover!

Rella said...

And we are excited to HAVE you host your fist swap...and what a lovely swap it is!! I am going through my recipes and planning my page..this is going to be so lovely.

xox Rella

Elyse said...

stunning work as always, debi!

glitter on!


Elyse said...

stunning work as always, debi!

glitter on!


NanaDiana said...

Wow- Gorgeous work-Diana

Anonymous said...

hi this sounds wonderful i would love to join in your swap where is it located? and do i still have time?

Terri Gordon said...

Hi Debi, I am so excited for you, Congratulations you are going to love it and make a wonderful host. Your cover and page is just beautiful. I am so excited about this swap. Thanks for doing it.
Hugs, Terri

Holly Moore said...

Beautiful Debi. I just signed up. :) Your cookies look amazing! :)

Createology said...

Happy swapping, baking and eating. Your recipe book is beautiful and your first recipe sounds YUMMY! Happy Halloweekend..

Little Pink Studio said...

What a wonderful idea! I absolutely love the page your made, it's so pretty!
Cerri xo

Sonia said...

I am so tempted to create a recipe page Debi!! I am not sure I'll have time but I will surely try ;)