Some Of This & Some Of That

A Very Marie Christmas

These are the pages I created for a Marie Antoinette
4x4 fat book swap. I love these little books!

Christmas Decorating Continued

I've been moving a little slower the last few days,
but I'm still plugging along with my decorating.

I've been getting my jars filled with candy
that will probably all end up on my bottom! eek

Let It Snow!

We had a big snow storm last night. When I went
to bed about 3:00 am, we had at least 7 inches. All night,
I listened to branches snapping and falling from the trees.

This was the first of the four storms in four days
that have been predicted for us. YIKES!


Terri said...

Oh, your pages are gorgeous! I love how you layered the photos, and all your details.
Your home must look like a sweet shop! How delicious : )
But all that snow already?
Oh My!


NanaDiana said...

Beautiful post. I have yet to see those pink marshmallows here!

We have not had any snow yet...and it is late for us....but I will wait. I do not long for the coldness of winter quite yet. Hugs-Diana

Suzann said...

The first snow is always so pretty!!!
The book you put together is lovely!!

Miss Rhea said...

The Marie's are lovely !!! I don't think I could decorate with Candy. I would have to go on a Replenishing spree every year and I probably wouldn't burn near enough calories to justify it, lol !!! :)

Lynn Stevens said...

What lovely Maries, I just finished some Marie atcs I hope to post them tommorow if We get some sunshine, not likely our storms have hit here too!

Alison said...

Those pages are to die for -- so gorgeous!

I've started doing a bit of Christmas decorating, too. But it's going to be 80 degrees here today; makes it a bit harder to get in the mood!



Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Oh Debi,

You are one talented lady! Your Marie pages are fabulous and your decorating is divine. Love the candy jars and I'd be eating every bit of that taffy!

What a beautiful shot of the snow fall...must really put you in te holiday mood!

Have a fabulous week Sweet Friend!


Claudia said...

Your talent never ceases to amaze me, Debi! I love your Marie pages.

Oh my goodness, you are definitely getting hit with snow! Stay warm and cozy - and create!

Are those pink and white marshmallows I see?


Rella said...

Debi, the pages are so gorgeous!! and the snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! holy moly. Sure looks like Christmas.
big hugs
xox Rella

Pam Kellogg said...

Hi Debi,
Oh your blog is just as lovely as ever! I'm absolutely in love with your MA book pages. I adore your MA work!!!

Absolutely breathtaking as always!
Hugs, Pam
PS - Mom loves your blog too!

Home and Heart said...

Just GORGEOUS!! Lucky partners! We had snow arrive today.

Karen said...

OH MY GOSH! Look at the snow! I love it!
I hope you are warm and snuggly and safe and sound and just decorating to your heart's content!
Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!
Big gigantic hugs! :) Karen

Elyse said...

wow! look at all of that snow! it has been very mild here -- almost too warm! (did i really just type that?)

beautiful creations and decorative touches as always, debi!

wishing you a happy & healthy thanksgiving!


Lynn said...

Snow?????? Not here yet, thank goodness.

Your pages are beautiful, I love the red, but am wondering how long those candies in the jars are going to last LOL

Lisa said...

Love all your holiday prep! How smart of you to dust your town with snow ;) the perfect touch!
Hugs, Lisa

Cassandra said...

Your 4x4 pages are so very cute! I love them! And your yummy Christmas decorations are making me hungry lol. I am up a bit earlier than normal today, is it ok so have taffy at 5am? Haha