I Love My Mailman!

He brings me such beautiful things!

Like this beautiful scarf from Claudia.

She had shown a scarf like this on her blog,
and I was instantly smitten! I contacted
her to see if she would be willing to make
one for me. And here it is!

I love the beautiful, warm colors and the pretty pattern.

Thank you so much Claudia, I love it!!

I nabbed these beauties the minute I saw
them in Carmelina's etsy shop.

She creates the most beautiful doilies,
and now, she's making crocheted lace trim.

This will be used on something really special.

She even included extra goodies in my package!

Thanks so much Carmelina! I love it all!

We had a fun Valentine Gala, with live chat,
in the Marie Antoinette Mail Art group,
and I won this gorgeous heart pocket from Terri.

This is one talented lady, and I LOVE her creations!

She even filled the pocket with these beauties
for me to use in my creating.

Terri, I love everything! Thank you, sweet friend!

My sweet friend Sonia sent this beautiful tag
and yummy chocolates for Valentine's Day.

I've already eaten half of the chocolate!
Thank you for thinking of me Sonia.

And, I won Tabitha's beautiful Valentine giveaway!

Look at all these sweet goodies.

Thank you Tabitha, I'm going to have fun with these!

I also purchased three new books. I'm hoping
to learn lots of fun, new ideas and techniques.

Well, I'm off to create something pretty!

Oh, wait...I have to clean the house first. :(


Createology said...

Oh My...such lovely treasures you received. Looks like you will be very busy creating some amazing art. Happy creating...

Claudia said...

So glad you like the scarf, Debi! You've been getting some terrific packages in the mail, haven't you? I love everything you've shown. Lucky girl!


Terri Gordon said...

Hi Debi, Oh what a beautiful post, Oh how I love that beautiful scarf from Claudia, those scarfs are so beautiful, she is so talented. I so wish I could do that. I love the beautiful lace from Carmelina, she is so talented too, I love her beautiful work. I only wish the heart you won would have been pink. I just did a post about your beautiful tea cup, I love, love, love it. Have a wonderful weekend Debi. Hugs, Terri

Terri said...

Ah forget about the house...it will only get dirty again ; )

I recognized Claudia's work the minute I saw your thumbnail on my blog list. She makes the most wonderful scarves! Yours is fabulous.

All your gifts are wonderful. Terri's work is truly beautiful, as is Sonia's. I hope I didn't forget anyone!
Oh yes, Carmelina's work is just amazing too! All of these women (and YOU) are just amazing creators!

Alison said...

Hmmm.....could your mailman make a stop by my house? :)
What fun goodies -- have fun creating!

NanaDiana said...

Well, being the sort of "off-kilter" person I am..the first thing I thought when I read your title was..."does his wife know"...that you love the mailman, I mean...Sorry...that's what you get for having people like me visit your blog. Moving along. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the stuff you got...and the neat thing is that you will actually DO SOMETHING with it and put it to good use...unlike some of us that get stuff and let it s.i.t. I am excited FOR you! Hugs- Diana

Creative Wings Boutique said...

Man ill have to get ur mailman to start sending ur mail to me.LOL:))))
glad u like ur goodies!

Anne Fannie said...

What lovely things you got! And that scarf is beautiful!

buyffxivgil said...

Wow! Their so gorgeous the color are so rich specially the scarf. My what a fun to have that book.

Anonymous said...

Oh debi! what a marvellous collection of goods!
You must have a special post man...mine just brings me bills! lol

I'm so thrilled that you like my crochet creations...and claudias scarf...wowo! that is fancy stitching there!

just everything in this post is oh so special..and oh so very you! PERFECT!

can't wait to see what you create with your new supplies! I know it shall be grand indeed!

ciao bella

Creative Carmelina

Karen said...

Oh you will LOVE Layered tattered and Stitched. I know Ruth Rae - she lives in the next town over - we went to one of Kim's events together that she was teaching at! She is wonderful! Joy knows her really well.
Loved all of this.
I am catching up - been a crazy week and now we are heading out of town for a few days. Yikes! Life is sos busy!!!!
Have a great day! Karen

Sonia said...

Hi Debi,
You are a sweet heart. I am so out of the loop with blogs right now. Glad you enjoyed your chocolates. I had fun putting the little package together for you. I am fixing to email you ;)

Hugs dear friend xoxox