Beautiful Charms

We had a beautiful charm swap in the Marie Antoinette group.
Everyone was to create 25 charms, and would receive 25 charms in return.

Long story short, I never received my charms.
According to the postal service, they were delivered.

But, they were never received.

How very nice, and very much appreciated it was,
when my sweet friend Terri sent me
25 beautiful charms that she had created.

Here are the bracelet and necklace I created with those charms.

Thank you Terri. What a blessing it is to know you.

I also appreciate the sweet offers I received
from other MAMA friends to send me charms.

I love my blogging friends! And appreciate all of you
who take the time to visit my blog
and leave your sweet and encouraging words.


Jenny's Craft Place said...

Sorry to hear you didn't receive the original collection of charms, but having read this post, the sentiments attached to the ones you DID receive make them so special. Fingers crossed for all concerned the original charms turn up. Wouldn't it be lovely for you all if they arrive when you least expect them? Happy crafting, Jenny :)

Pat Winter said...

Beautiful charms! Do you have any idea where the blue hearts with gold accents are from? I have to have some!!!!!!!

my cup of tea said...

Such beautiful charms! And what a beautiful necklace and braclet you made! Gifts in the mail are so nice so sad you did not get the ones first intended but these are beautiful too.

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

That bracelet is fabulous! How sweet that she made the charms for you to make up for the lost ones!

Karen said...

OH NO! That just stinks!
But leave it to a special person to make it all OK. I think that's awesome! And of course, you did a beautiful job with all of your wonderful charms. And now - it's probably just that much more special!
Love the color by the way! (wink wink)
HAGD! Hugs! Karen

Kelly_Deal said...

Hi Debi! What beautiful trinkets! That stinks about the mail. I know how you feel! Have a great rest of the week!

Terri Gordon said...

Oh Debi, You are so welcome, I know that you would have done it for me. I love what you have created, it is so beautiful. I just love that aqua color don't you. Have a wonderful week my friend. Hugs, Terri

Anonymous said...

Oh Sweet Debi

You, my dear, are the most charming charm of all!
I always adore your creations! be they with fabric, or beads, or paper, you work wonderful details into all that you do!

and I must say, I love your blog banner!
I don't think I've told you that, but I've been meaning to...and so I just did! Voila!

ciao bella!


Createology said...

This is another example of the wonderful generous artistic people here in blogland. Your necklace and bracelet are beautiful. This set will be even more special to you each and every time you wear it. Happy week...