Beautiful Marie Swaps

I love participating in the beautiful swaps
in the Marie Antoinette Mail Art Group.
The women are all so talented, and it
is such an honor to be part of the group.

Cream Marie ATC Swap

Marie Teacup Book Swap

My page

Lisa Hessabi

Thank you ladies, I love the ATC's and Teacup pages!

I'm taking a little bloggy break for the next week.
Three of my sisters, and I, are taking a
little trip to our cabin to relax and play.

Happy 1st week of Summer!


Bead Swap

I participated in a Bead Swap hosted by
Sarah from My So Called Junky Life.

My partner was Jenny from Faith and Pearl.

She made this beautiful box for me....

and inside were these beautiful beads,
buttons and vintage jewelry pieces.

And this is what I created with them.

I had so much fun playing with these beautiful pieces.

Thank you Jenny! I love everything!

And thank you Sarah for hosting this wonderful swap.
Visit Sarah's blog to see more beautiful beads.


A Garden Party

Welcome to my little backyard

Today I'm joining my Sorority Sisters for a garden party.

I love Spring! Every year, I look forward to spending
time in the yard, and vow to have beautiful gardens.

I buy a few plants, get them in the ground, and
before I get back to the nursery, the temperature
goes up, and I hide in the house. The few plants
I have wilt in the sun, and most die.

Every year, I start the process over. So, most
of my gardens look like they were just created.

And some, are still waiting to be planted.

 I love our backyard.

Hubby has created some wonderful spaces
in our little corner of the world, and
I love spending time out there.

Though very small, our yard has different
levels and a variety of little spaces.


And our decorating style is very eclectic.


I'm still in the process of planting and adding
fun things to the yard, and once again,
I have vowed to have beautiful gardens.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this year,
when the temperature starts to climb,
I won't go hide in the house!

Visit my Sorority Sisters for more garden fun.


Creating Marie Style

I'm so excited for my sweet friend Sonia,

She has just released a special issue
 and it. is. decadent.

I'm especially excited, and honored, to have a tutorial
included in this special issue.

This beautiful magazine is now available to purchase.
If you love all things Marie, you won't want to miss this one.

Visit Cassandra's blog here.