My Studio

Well, here it is.....my 'new' studio.

I still have some organizing left to do,
but I've been creating away this last week
and loving it.

My room is on the front of the house now,
and I have two windows which lets in more light.

I love these windows because they're low
enough that I can see out of them while I'm playing.

My walls are painted Heirloom Lace, the
furniture is white and the carpet is soft beige.

I love how much lighter and brighter the room is.

I swiped my corner cabinet from the livingroom
so I would have more space to hold my pretties.

I also booted out my little computer desk
and traded it for a 6 foot table because
I make just as much clutter at my computer
as I do on my work table.

I placed a vintage door between my computer table
and my cabinets which is really fun
because it makes it feel like two separate spaces.

I didn't have enough room for my ironing board,
so I created my own on top of my fabric dresser,
and it's working out great.

I took a piece of wood the size of the dresser top,
covered it with a thick terry cloth
and a piece of muslin to match my room.

Back to playing!

Have a beautifully creative day!


Anonymous said...

Hi very nice room. like it,

Creative Wings Boutique said...

swooning debi..... luv the fixture for ur trims

Claudia said...

Debi, it's gorgeous! You must be in heaven with all the natural light coming in. I love everything about it, but I especially like the way you've stored your trims in that cubbie unit. What a great idea. And the ironing surface is inspired!

Great job!


Suzann said...

I just LOVE your gorgeous room!!!
It is all so pretty!!!

Suzann ~xoxo~

Artfully Musing said...

What a lovely space and what a wonderful job you have done! Laura

Lynn said...

This was a LOT of work, but well worth it, I love your new room :)

Createology said...

Your studio is beautiful and peaceful and yet I adore how you are surrounded with your treasures. I can see how easy it is to spend many hours being inspired and creating your art. I am swooning...

Leanne said...

Debi, such a beautiful space! And I am in complete envy of your lace storage! Where did you find it? What's it called? (so I can search etsy/ebay for something similar)...

cmoh said...

oh how lovely everything is, what a wonderful environment to create in. Now do you want to come help me with mine??? I don't even have walls yet eak! ;)

I love how you have all your art dispolayed. And I know I will be coming back to view your lovely space when I finally get to put mine together.


NanaDiana said...

Sweet Debi- I think this is one of the prettiest "play rooms" I have ever seen- EVER! It is just perfect and not only a great place to WORK and create but a place to be and just love spending time there! I would LOVE a pretty, feminine room like that- You have worked hard to get that and I am so happy for you! xo Diana

Debby said...

Amazing......loving all the pink and all the everything.

Terri Gordon said...

Hi Debi, Oh it is so beautiful, I love all the beautiful light coming in. You are so organized, and everything is so lovely, such a great inspirational place to create. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. Have a wonderful week. You want to come over and organize mine, please. Hugs, Terri

rachelsmith133 said...

Wow this is just gorgeous. You've done a great job of it and you have so many lovely things.

Cathy L. Calamas said...

SOOO pretty. I would never get any work done. so many beautiful things to look at. Very peaceful.

Karen said...

Oh Debi It is just perfect! You have to be so happy! I love that you have two windows. And it's even raining outside!!! I would love that!!!

If you could see mine now...Holy cow what have done? Of course changing things up instantly comes to mind - but...time is a factor here.

I am waiting for the flooring guys as I write. Tonight, it all goes back in...sigh.

Of course Mark has decided he wants hard wood in his office now too - so add one more room to the growing list of new flooring!! YIKES!

You are keeping me sane...thank you!

HAGD! Karen

bj said...

O, Debi..this is such a wonderful space. Your studio, aka Girly Cave, is just beautiful.
It is so organized..I know it must be such fun to work there.
You really REALLY did a great job.
xoxo bj

Anonymous said...

Oh I have been waiting for this post....and I'm here...I'm here dear debi to soak it all in..each and every photo...all of you displays..and inspirational set ups...wow! I would love to shop in your studio...are you having a sale of supplies anytime soon?lol

this is stunning...I'd have to say that I really love your wall cubby of laces and trims....have you used my crochet trim yet..I was actually trying to find it in among your gorgeously stunning collection of beauties!
What fun you must have in your new room....I'll bet you go in there and can't help but be overwhelmed with inspiration.....galore! am I right to assume you'll be in there most out of all the rooms in your house?

the two windows...are great...what a luxury it is indeed to have natural lighting when you're creating...that in itself is inspiring!

thanks so much for sharing this!
I loved every ounce..and I'm going to go through the photos again after posting this comment!

ciao bella

Creative Carmelina

happy creating!

you deserve a good rest after all you've just been through to make this happen! I know it's not easy..but it's oh so very worth it!

Anonymous said...

Oh I think I do spy my little creative eye on my crochet lace trim with the pretty pink edging! yeah me....I feel a special sense of creative connection now to your gorgeous room!

it's at the bottom, to the left, correct!!!!!!!

I'm tickled pink!

ciao again

Creative Carmelina

Anonymous said...

I didn't notice your collection of vintage cameras on your shelf before! wow! now that, I would love to have in my studio! I do have one..so I'm good!

for now.

ciao bella

creative carmelina

{oc cottage} said...

I think I just died and went to heaven!

m ^..^

Wanda said...

Hi Debi, I love your room it is a thing of beauty and organization. In your corner cupboard I noticed something that brought a smile to my face. You have our match box swap placed on one of the shelves, what fun to see it in your lovely room. Happy crafting TTFN Wanda

Marilou of Lulu's Lovlies and Heartful Creations said...

Love the studio Debi, looks like alot of space put to good use and organization! Hugs Marilou

Auntie Bliss said...

That is just WOW. Are you submitting to Stampington your pics b/c they would probably publish this room!

Bobbi said...

Hi Debi, OMGoodness what a beautiful and very lovely Studio you have! Everything looks so wonderful and all of your lovely creations and swap pieces are outstanding! You've done a fabulous job on it! It's really something to be very proud of! Thank you so much for sharing all the gorgeous photos. I hope that you have a wonderful rest of your day!
Hugs and many blessings...
Bobbi Ann

FredaB said...

You have the room we all dream about. It is so nicely put together.



Sonia said...

Oh Debi,
Thank you for coming by last night. Reminded me I had to come check out your 'New'studio. And I am swoooning. I love it. It all looks so pretty decorated and so organized. I like the colors you chose and textures... The lampshade frame idea is awesome!!
I should be moving to VA in the end of Feb, beginning of March so I am starting to pack stuff slowly... Moving to a smaller space so I will need to get rid of some things. Wish me luck.

PS. I apologize for not being as good about keeping up with blogs but I do think about you. Have been crazy busy here.

Love and Hugs to you Debi,
Your friend

corner curio cabinet said...

It is pretty. I would never get any work done. so many beautiful things to look at. Very peaceful.

Stacy's Shabby Shoppe said...

Debi ~ your studio is absolutely beautiful! What an incredible space for you to play in! ~Stacy~