The Witches' Tea Party

Hello my pretties, come inside and I shall tell a tale,
of three old, ugly witches named Hilda, Gertrude and Gayle.

Each year the witches gathered to celebrate with tea,
and reminisced of younger days and how it used to be.

But this year, it was different, for they were sad, you see
time had left them longing for the way life used to be.

They sipped upon their cups of tea and tears welled in their eyes,
as they spoke of all the hopes and dreams they would never realize.

Then slowly, their excitement grew as they tossed about a plan,
they would cast a spell upon themselves and then life would be grand.

Dreaming of a youthful life, the witches gathered round,
The Book of Spells was opened and laid upon the ground.

The pages were all faded now, and difficult to read,
but their time was passing quickly, for it was Hallows' Eve.

They chanted and they danced about, their words hung in the air,
the candle flame burned brighter, and the smoke swirled through their hair.

The wind began to blow and howl, and leaves were swirling 'bout,
the witches chanted louder, and POOF! the flame went out.

And there upon the ground they sat, humming a soft, sweet tune....
three youthful, little witches.......under a Halloween moon.

The moral of this story be,

when trying a new spell,

Be careful what you wish for......

and read all instructions well.

Thanks for visiting my tea party.......

If you would like to give these little 'witches' a home,
leave a comment below.

I'll be drawing a name out of my hat on November 1.

Edited: This drawing is now Closed.

(The inspiration and tutorial for these sweet little pumpkins was found HERE)

This party is being hosted by Anna from Frosted Petunias.


More Halloween Fun

I just can't believe the fun I've had with Halloween swaps.

I made this Halloween Cone for Holly.

The cones we used in this swap are 10 1/2 inches long
and 4 inches across. I had never worked with a cone
this big before, and it was so much fun.

Here are the goodies I filled her cone with,

and I made this Halloween ornament for her.

This is the cone I received from Rhonda.

I am so crazy in love with the striped paper she used,
and I love the vintage look the cone has.

And look at all the yumminess she packed inside!

Thank you Rhonda!

I wanted to show you the fun
Halloween Gothic Arch book we (MAMA)
made in another swap.

I've already shown you my cover and my page,

here are the others.

This one was made by Terri,

It is such a fun book!

I have it displayed in my living room
with my Halloween decorations.

Thank you ladies!

Halloween is almost here and I want to invite you to join me for
A Witches' Tea Party Under A Halloween Moon
all Halloween weekend.

It is being hosted by the awesome
Anna from Frosted Petunias.

I also wanted to share with you the
Secret Santa Soiree
being hosted by Suzanne from Coloradolady.

Signups will end October 30.

Lots of fun happening in blogland!


Baking up a Smile

Today, the smell of pumpkin and chocolate
is making me smile.

And soon, my family will be smiling too.

What's making you smile today?


So Much To Share

I have so much to share with you!

I received three beautiful Halloween ATC's
from a Marie Antoinette Mail Art group swap.

This lovely card came from Wendy Robinson.

Terri Gordon created this beauty.

And Kris Dickinson worked her magic on this card.

Thank you Wendy, Terri and Kris!

I won this beautiful necklace and wrist cuff
in a fun Word Game hosted by the lovely Melanie.

Melanie is so talented and creates the most beautiful things.

Also in the prize package was a bag of yummy goodies,
a big black spider, and this adorable little art girl pin.

Isn't she just the sweetest thing?

Thank you so much Melanie!

And this little cutie was a BIG surprise!

My sweet friend Terri sent me this adorable
little pumpkin girl for my birthday.

In addition to many other wonderful creations,
Terri creates the most beautiful dolls.

And I'm so excited to have one of her sweet pumpkin girls.

Thank you so much Terri!


Handmade Christmas Ornament Swap

Cassandra from An Artful Adventure is hosting
a beautiful Handmade Christmas Ornament Swap.

I couldn't pass this one up! Visit her blog
to get all the yummy details.


Reality Shot: Island Disaster

My favorite thing about my little, tiny kitchen
is my BIG island.

At 4' x 7', it is perfect for everything from baking
to cutting fabric.

It is also perfect for collecting CLUTTER.

Mail coming in, mail going out, phones getting charged,
and groceries STILL waiting, for days, to be put away.

The worst part? It's actually pretty tame right now.

I'm joining Claudia at Mockingbird Hill Cottage.


Welcome to my Fall Home

For me, FALL conjures up childhood memories
of trick or treating with friends and siblings,
costume parties,
pine nuts roasting in the oven, and
Thanksgiving dinner at grandma's house.

More than any other time of year,
FALL brings out
the nesting instinct in me.

Some people do spring cleaning,
I do FALL cleaning.

I want to get everything fluffed and clean
for the holidays ahead.

Candles are placed throughout the house
creating a warm glow as the scent
of pumpkin pie, cinnamon, and fresh baked cookies
fills the air.

Quilts and throws are washed and put out,
creating cozy spots for snuggling on chilly FALL evenings.

When the house feels all warm and cozy,
being in the kitchen suddenly feels
like a pleasure instead of a chore.

I love stirring a big pot of soup on the stove,
or pulling something hot and yummy from the oven.

And just for fun, here's a little silly Halloween in the kitchen window.

I'm joining my Bloggerette Sorority sisters
as we share our FALL HOMES.