Christmas in the Man Cave

Our home is divided into two parts.....the part that is decorated to my taste,
and the part that is decorated to his. This room is his. The man cave.

But, it is also known as the family room.

I've been decorating this room for the last two days.....my decorating is finished.

Cute and creepy, all at once. Hubby loves him!

Now I can spend the next few weeks baking, and crafting.........

Hope you're enjoying some holiday fun!


Christmas is Coming!

This is my most favorite time of the year!

Totes come up from the basement, and the decorating begins.

The first week of decorating, I do the big push, to get alot
done as quickly as possible. Then, I slowly putter along
for the next week, or two adding extra little touches here and there.

I'm off to put up another little tree!

Hope you're having fun with holiday decorating too!


Happy Thanksgiving

Sending blessings and wishes for a beautiful Thanksgiving Day.


Ooooooh! Look What I Got!

I love these little beauties!

I'm participating in a Secret Santa Christmas Advent Swap
hosted by JoAnne at Vintage Dragonfly.

We were to fill our altered boxes with 25 little individually wrapped
and numbered gifts. Then starting December 1, we open one each day.

How fun is that?

Now I need to get my Christmas tree put up so I can put them under the tree.


Baking and Creating

This wonderfully chilly weather has me baking again.

This time, I've baked some yummy breads....zucchini and banana.

And while the bread was in the oven, I played in my studio.

Chilly weather + baking + creating = a fun day!

Hope you're doing something fun!


Christmas & Pumpkins?

Hubby, Molly, and I had a wonderful Halloween sitting on the front porch,
handing out candy to all the cute little trick or treaters.

But, when the candy was gone, and the porch light went off,
it was time to get down to some serious business.

Oh yeah, I'm talking about making Christmas ornaments!

I've been pulling out pretties, and the glitter has started to fly!

BUT, before I get too lost in Christmas goodness........

I want to thank everyone who visited my Witches Tea Party,

and let you know that the winner

of the three little 'witches' is......

Rinni of Rinni's Playground.

Congratulations Rinni!!