Creative Chaos

For the last few weeks, my studio has been filled with creative chaos.

That seems to be how I work best.

I've been busy with several swap projects for the Marie Antoinette group.

Using lots of new and vintage laces, appliques, and ribbon,
I created this Secret Valentine Heart for my partner Robin.

It is completely hand stitched, which was so much fun to do.

I love hand stitching because it's very relaxing.

And of course, it needed a lacy little tag.

In another swap, I learned how to create a button brooch.

I disassembled a vintage pin and used the back piece as my base.

Then I added vintage buttons, lace, and other jewelry pieces.

I just love trying new things!

Right now, I'm hosting an Altered Book swap in the Marie group,
so I created this book. I removed the cover, and created my own using fabric and lace.

I glued the pages of the book together, and cut a recessed area in the right side
to create a little 'scene' with lace, flowers, and a sweet little window.

When I was a girl, I made a book like this to hide things.

I pulled an all-nighter last night, getting my room cleaned and organized,
so today, I've been a little brain dead.

I needed something easy to do, so I've just been making flowers today.

Hope you've been doing something fun this week!


Anonymous said...

If you're going to have chaos, then creative chaos is the best kind! I love your heart....handstitched! Wow!
The layers of lace are so pretty, you've an eye for layout and design. Thanks for sharing.

Have a great night debi.

Ciao bella.
Creative Carmelina

Alison said...

Wow! These are all sooooo gorgeous. Especially love the hand stitched heart!

Татьяна А. said...


JoAnne said...

So beautiful Debi! I adore that book!

Karen said...

So...I might have a new addiction for you - Crazy Quilting. Talk about relaxing. All hand stitched... no rules...just stitch. I wish I had more time, but am taking a little each day to practice.
Love the book!
REALLY love the heart!
Hugs. Me.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh goodness, what great creations! I would love to try making a heart, that is so pretty loaded with little bits of lace and that brooch, oh and the book...All Gorgeous!


NanaDiana said...

Debi-What beautiful pieces of artwork here- Love it! xo Diana

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

Hi Debi,
I also LOVE the hand stitched heart! It's just beautiful!!!One lucky gal that is receiving it.
Have a great weekend.

Terri Gordon said...

Hi Debi, Oh what a beautiful post, I love your beautiful heart and your beautiful brooch, I have to work on mine and your altered book, oh it is gorgeous, you are such an inspiration to me. Have a wonderful Sunday! Hugs, Terri

kristiB said...

Your blog is so beautiful!!! Stopping by from "The Polka Dot Closet". I absolutely love how you incorporate Marie Antoinette in your work. I love her, and am going to be hosting a tea party for my girlfriends all based around Marie. Had to become a follower :)

mercedes scott said...

Hi, Debi - just stopping by to wish you a lovely Valentine's Day! I'm still drooling over all your gorgeous MAMA projects... looks like that state of chaos is quite the inspiration for you :)

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

These are beautifully handmade keepsakes! I love the wing and the key on that wonderful heart! Such a pretty Valentine! And thanks so much for letting me know you came by!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Everything is so gorgeous! Love the heart, the tag is so pretty and the book is amazing!

Awishdream said...

Hi Debi, Wow! you have been busy! I love all the projects you've done, the heart the brooch and book all so stunning! I love the info on the Avocado dye..that is awesome. Thanks so much for sharing I will have to try that! Your blog is just awesome and you are so creative!!
Melanie ;)

Pam Kellogg said...

Debi, everything is just as beautiful as always! Yes, hand stitching IS relaxing! That's why I do so much of it!

Hugs, Pam

Mark Norkaitis said...

your stuff is very creative! Your work looks like you put a lot of love in it!
Your newest follower Mark @ room363

Alba Linea said...

oh debi, love all the things you create! have a nice day. di

Carolyn said...

Those hearts are beautiful!I am going to have to have a longer look around-lots of pretty things to see.


Cathy L. Calamas said...

Well, I think Chaos works for you!! Beautiful! I need to pull an all nighter to clean my space up too!

Marti McClure said...

Hi Debi! You have such a beautiful blog, which is no suprise of course considering how amazingly beautiful all of your MAMA swaps are! I'm so glad I stopped by. ~Marti

Jane said...

Hi Debi,
You do such beautiful work! I love the valentine heart and am so impressed with your handwork. I don't know if hand stitching would be relaxing for me....I would probably be doing ripping than sewing!

Linda Carole Bloom said...

I made hearts like that for Valentine
s day, but have never made button brooches - would love to learn how! I'm making baby bonnets this week!

Anonymous said...

My goodness! That looks SO 'delicious'! Your heart is very inspiring, too. All your lace is beautiful among those colours you chose. You have the perfect eye, girl.

By the way, I am your newest follower!

Ciao Bella!

*Bella Bliss*