Oh, How I Love Spring!

I love this time of year, when the days start getting warmer.....and longer,
and the grey skies give way to white, fluffy clouds and sunshine.

The trees are budding, and there are little sprouts of green
popping up in every garden, with the promise of new life.

There is something about these longer, brighter days that always compels
me to clean the house, doing all the jobs I don't get to on a regular basis.

Maybe it's that fresh, new feeling the house takes on
when everything is shiny and clean.

When I started my cleaning a few days ago, I went for my tea cups.
Their pretty colors, and flowers always feel so spring-like to me.

Today, I'm cleaning tile grout in the kitchen. Not as exciting as tea cups,
but necessary just the same, and I'll love it when it's finished.

So.....what fun spring thing are you doing today?

I'm linking up to Terri and Martha's Tea Cup Tuesday.
Check out all the pretty tea cups.


Swapping & Creating

Participating in swaps is one of my favorite things.

I love creating for others, and I love receiving other artists' creations.

But sometimes, I love creating for me.

That's why some of my favorite swaps are supply swaps.

I recently participated in two supply swaps with the MA group.
We are given a list of items to send to our partner. These swaps
are so fun because everyone always goes above and beyond.

These are the beautiful supplies I received from my partner Bobbi Ann,
to create a Paris Wall Pocket.

There were beautiful, elegant fabrics and lots of pretty laces and trims.....

as well as ribbons, jewelry, charms, and flowers.

Bobbi Ann really went over the top and spoiled me.

I had a hard time narrowing down just which of the beautiful supplies
I wanted to use in creating my wall pocket.

What a fun project this was! Thanks again Bobbi Ann!

These are the beautiful supplies I received in the Shabby Chic
French Lingerie Hanger swap, from my partner Melanie.

I started swooning the minute I saw this pretty box.

There was a beautiful lace runner and doily, and lots of lace and fabric script ribbon.

I love the dreamy flowers she created, and all of the pretty touches she added.

This was another fun project to work on.

It was wonderful playing with such beautiful, dreamy supplies.

Thanks so much Melanie!


Beautiful Altered Bottle

I received this beautiful altered bottle from Lorraine.
We were partnered in a Marie Antoinette swap.

I love all of the pretty details she included like the script
that goes around the bottle, and the pretty trim.

The feet are really fun, and I'm in love with that beautiful stopper!

Thank you again Lorraine, I love it!


Altered Book & Tutorial

I really love altering things, and books are no exception.

I created this altered book for my swap partner Sandy,
in a swap I'm hosting in the Marie Antoinette group.

I had so much fun with this project, I thought I would share my tutorial with you.

If you create an altered book, I would love it if you dropped
me a line so I could visit your blog to see your book.


It Isn't Spring Yet!

We had a crazy snow storm last night. The wind was blowing,
so it looked like a blizzard. When I looked out the front door,
this is what I saw. The snow had swirled itself right over the front
of the roof, and was hanging there.

When I got up this morning, I was happy to see that hubby
had taken the camera outside to get some pictures so I could see it.

It looked like a big, white blanket laying over the whole house.

When my son got up this morning, he took this picture
of the snow hanging from the carport area. It had started to melt,
and was hanging about two feet over the edge of the roof.

He said about two seconds after he got this shot, it all fell.

Isn't Mother Nature a wonderful, amazing thing?


Keeping Busy

I haven't posted forever!

I've been keeping busy working on a couple of painting projects
around the house, trying to get a little bit of cleaning done (very little, actually),
and of course, lots of creating....lots of swaps.

It's been so grey and drab here lately, that I'm having a hard time
getting good pictures, but I wanted to show you some pretty swap gifts.

These are the beautiful fabric postcards I received from a Marie Antoinette swap.

This first postcard is from Lisa.

This one is from Holly.

And this one is from Mary.

Then I received this gorgeous button brooch from Laura.
I just love the beautiful details, and all the many pieces
that went into the creation of this piece.

Another new crafting adventure: I created this altered bottle
for a Marie Antoinette swap.

I've never done an altered bottle before, and can't even believe how much
fun I had with this. It's definitely something I want to do again.

I just finished another fun project last night
that I can't wait to show you....soon.

Have a wonderfully creative week!