It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Well, the last several days have been interesting.

On Thursday, I had a bad migraine and was sick all day. When I woke up
sick on Friday, I chalked it up to the migraine. But, it has continued on since then.

Now, I'm wondering if I have a case of stomach flu or food poisoning.

After spending two days down, doing absolutely nothing, I was sick of being sick.

So for the next three days, I kept pretty busy. On Saturday, hubby
and I went to the nursery and bought some new plants.

We spent the day at our cabin on Sunday, getting it opened and ready for summer.

And Monday, we cleaned up gardens and put in some new plants.

Honestly, I've been busier than is normal for me these days, and today I was feeling it.

In case you haven't noticed, I am late with my giveaway.

The two little French market mini bags above
have been filled with sweet little goodies for two winners,
and those winners are:


Lorraine from Over the Rainebeau.

Congratulations ladies!

Hope you are all enjoying a beautiful Spring week!


French Market Mini Bags

In the Marie Antoinette group, Melanie hosted the sweetest swap.

We were to embellish three little 3" x 4" muslin bags, and fill them
with little treasures.....one bag for each of our three partners.

Below are the three bags I created for my partners.

This is the bag I received from Lorraine. I love the sweet tatting across the top,
and she filled it with such pretty little treasures, my favorite is the beautiful rhinestone button.

This bag came from Denise. I love the beautiful stamped vintage ribbon,
and it was filled with so many lovelies, my favorite is the tiny Charlotte doll.

Marti sent me this beautiful bag. I love the sweet little roses,
and it came with so many beautiful treasures, my favorite one here is the Eiffel Tower.

Thank you so much Lorraine, Denise, and Marti.
I love these sweet little bags, and will have so much fun
creating with the beautiful treasures inside.

These little bags were so much fun to create, I actually made extras.

Hey, that gives me an idea!

Today, April 14, my hubby and I are celebrating our 40th Anniversary.

I think that calls for a special giveaway!

Leave a comment telling me about something you've had fun creating/doing recently.
I will send a sweet little bag, filled with goodies to TWO lucky winners.
Drawing will be held next Saturday, April 21.

Have a wonderful week everyone!


Pretty Easter Treats

I have one more sweet Easter swap I want to share with you.

This one is the Easter Treats Egg Carton swap hosted by
the lovely and uber talented Cassandra.

We were to paint and decorate one 6-pack egg carton,
and fill it will treats for our partner.

Using soft pinks and vintage flowers, I created this carton for Bryanna.

The soft blues and pinks that Cassandra loves were used for her egg carton.

Here is the beautiful egg carton I received from Cassandra. *swoon*

And this little beauty came from Bryanna. *still swooning*

I am tickled pink with these beautiful egg cartons, and the sweet treasures inside.

Thank you Cassandra and Bryanna for a wonderful swap!

Wishing everyone a beautiful Easter weekend!


Easter Matchbox Fun

One of my favorite things to alter is matchboxes.

So I was excited to participate in the Panoramic Easter Swap hosted by JoAnne.
The idea was to create a matchbox reminiscent of a panoramic Easter egg.

This is the matchbox I created for JoAnne.

I cut a hole in the top of the matchbox, added this sweet little
frame I found at Michael's, and embellished it with little eggs and flowers.
I also added a little shimmer, using Stickles.

I received this amazing matchbox from Michele, and
it arrived in this beautiful altered box.

I love the cute bunnies on top, and
Seriously!......look at how gorgeous this matchbox is!!
It never occurred to me to cut out the end of the box.

I love the shape of the opening, and the details are so beautiful.


And how sweet is this little scene inside?!

Thank you Michele, I will treasure this beautiful box.