French Market Mini Bags

In the Marie Antoinette group, Melanie hosted the sweetest swap.

We were to embellish three little 3" x 4" muslin bags, and fill them
with little treasures.....one bag for each of our three partners.

Below are the three bags I created for my partners.

This is the bag I received from Lorraine. I love the sweet tatting across the top,
and she filled it with such pretty little treasures, my favorite is the beautiful rhinestone button.

This bag came from Denise. I love the beautiful stamped vintage ribbon,
and it was filled with so many lovelies, my favorite is the tiny Charlotte doll.

Marti sent me this beautiful bag. I love the sweet little roses,
and it came with so many beautiful treasures, my favorite one here is the Eiffel Tower.

Thank you so much Lorraine, Denise, and Marti.
I love these sweet little bags, and will have so much fun
creating with the beautiful treasures inside.

These little bags were so much fun to create, I actually made extras.

Hey, that gives me an idea!

Today, April 14, my hubby and I are celebrating our 40th Anniversary.

I think that calls for a special giveaway!

Leave a comment telling me about something you've had fun creating/doing recently.
I will send a sweet little bag, filled with goodies to TWO lucky winners.
Drawing will be held next Saturday, April 21.

Have a wonderful week everyone!


JoAnne said...

Happy anniversary Debi! What a nice collage of you and your husband.
Love those muslin bags-what a fun swap. It would be a special treat to win one of your sweet bags.
I've been having fun altering cdv's and I'm kind of addicted to making mini moo cards.

Cindy said...

Happy Anniversary! You know I love you guys! Great pictures, great memories.

I have been working on scrapbooking some fun pictures of my grandkids.

Have a super day! Go somewhere fun!
I love you. Cindy

NanaDiana said...

Hi Debi- Well, I won't sign up for your giveaway because I have won several this year already and I would be embarrassed to win another. But, I do want to tell you that you do the most beautiful things here on your blog. I am jealous of your talent and the talent of the gals you do trades with. Amazing.

Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby. You look like you belong together! xo Diana

Marti McClure said...

Hi Debi! Thanks so much for posting my gift to you on your blog! It was so fun to see it there, and so sweet of you to link back to my blog. I'm so glad you liked my bag. I had so much fun creating these little treasure holders. I wish you and your hubby a happy, happy anniversary! Wow, 40 years - that is something to celebrate. I hope you both enjoy your weekend. ~Marti

Kris Pare said...

What a beautiful swap! I would have enjoyed this one. I too was spoiled in Cassandra's Easter swap. Happy Anniversary!

Lorraine said...

Hi Debi--Aren't you and your hubby just so cute!! Happy happy Anniversary to you both! I have an April anniversary too, 34 yrs. on April 22! I had fun making that little market bag for you, I wanted to use all vintage lace and buttons. Thanks for the sweet comments, have a wonderful weekend! xo Lorraine

Cindy said...

Happy Anniversary. we've been married 40 years in Aug. I am making tea cup journals for ladies in my bible studies. They will be prayer journals, so they can write down requests and praises. I will shabby chic them up!

Terri Gordon said...

Hi Debi, Oh I love the photo's of you and your hubby, how wonderful, you both make such a cute couple and you both look so happy, Congratulations. Doesn't time go by fast. Your bags are gorgeous! I hope you are doing well and have a wonderful week. Hugs, Terri

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I can see where that was a really fun swap. The bags are gorgeous, oh the creativity! Me, I've been busy doing tons of projects for the Fancy Flea


Judith Tetley said...

Hi Debi, love your beautiful muslin bags. I'm voluntarily teaching four Asian ladies 'Mixed Media' at my craft centre. The ladies are new migrants to my country (Australia) and can only speak limited English. One from Thailand, one from China, one from Vietnam and one from Japan. To-day we did 'Shabby Chic' Tags...it was a blast....even though it was the hardest subject I have had to explain to them so far. They had never heared of Shabby Chic, but soon lost their hearts to it. I love these ladies, they are happy, caring, well mannered and would share their last spoonful of food with you. It is a joy to have them come live in my country and to teach them what I know about crafting.
Kind Regards
Judith from Australia

Cindy said...

Happy Anniversary!!! My husband and I celebrate our 40th in August. We are a rare breed and are so blessed that we still have our life partner and God has gotten us thru the years.
Thank you for your sweet comment on my Easter cartons for the grandgirls.

I love the Marie bags! I have so many crocheted and lace from mother and grandmothers, that is sitting. How do you start "cutting?" I know they will be better served and enjoyed if I make something with them, just need the courage to cut!
Have a blessed day,

Lynn said...

Wow, I am so happy for you both, Happy Anniversary. You guys don't look old enough to be married for 40 years, honestly.
I think you have to be the best swapper Debi, beautiful little bags you have put together :)

June said...

What a beautiful swap this is Debi! I love your lovely little bag and the bags of goodies that you received.
Lately I've been a little consumed by making quilt tops. It's been a little addicting : )

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Debi Sweetie...
What a beautiful share of you and DH, and Happy 40th Anniversary.

Love seeing your bags, they are absolutely delightful. I love all the Marie Antoinette goodies and those buttons and pins are so extreme. I love them. I like the bag stamped with the verbiage. How fun and pretty that one is.

My latest creation was making egg cartons for the Easter Swap through Cassandra at An Artful Adventure. That was fun.

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity at a glorious bag of treasures. They are so much fun in creating another project down the round. You have inspired me today.

Many thanks sweetie. Country hugs, Sherry

Anonymous said...

I hope you had a wonderful anniversary! Congratulations on 40 years! that is amazing. I'll be going on my 18th this October...and it feels like just yesterday.......

does it still feel that way after 40 years? I hope so...your pictures are darling! I can see the bond of true love shining through the smiles!

ciao bella
Creative Carmelina

Suzann said...

Hello Debi,
I haven't been blogging very much lately and wanted to say hello
congrats on your 40th anniversary!!
I hope you are doing well!!!
Suzann ~xoxo~

Awishdream said...

Hi Debi, I just saw your post for your Anniversary! both of you make the perfect couple! Congratulations! even though I'm late! better late than never to wish you both the best in the years to come!....Thanks for sharing your day with us!
Melanie ;)