charlotte shaker Dolls

It's been awhile since I've shared any pics from swaps.

I haven't participated in very many this year because I've been
going through some changes that have affected my crafting.

I'll share that with you one of these days.

This is a swap I'm in right now, with the Marie Antoinette group, 
and it has been one of my favorites.

We used vintage salt/pepper shakers and Charlotte heads
to create a doll for our swap partners.

These are the beautiful dolls I received.

This stunning beauty was created by Terri.

And this darling little angel was created by Melanie.

Terri and Melanie, I love these beautiful dolls!
Thank you so much for creating such treasures for me.

These are the dolls I created for Terri (left) and Melanie (right).

If you have never made a shaker doll, you really should try it.

They were so much fun to make!

And, in an attempt to catch up a bit, here are some fun things that have happened.

Way back in May, I won this beautiful tea cup from this Terri.

She also included some really delicious teas, some
of which I have already enjoyed.

Thank you Terri, I will treasure your beautiful cup.


My work was featured in the Spring issue of Altered Arts magazine.

I'm thrilled and honored to be included in the same pages
with so many extremely talented artists.

I hope you are having a beautiful June so far!

hugs, debi