before and After

This has been an exciting summer at the cabin.

We've been making some really fun changes to our kitchen. And, until
I started pulling out pictures for a post about it, I honestly did not
realize how horribly, colorful our kitchen was.

So I made sure to change that too.


This beautiful vintage wood burning stove has stood in the kitchen
for 40 years. It is a real beauty, and I have loved it so.

There have been a few times over the years, when we used
it for heat during the very early, colder part of the year. And,
I have actually used it a couple of times for baking. Once for
homemade bread, and another time for bread pudding.

But, our kitchen is tiny, and we dreamed of a real stove.


So hubby and the boys went up one weekend, and removed the old stove.

Now, that was both exciting and not-so-exciting. After moving the stove
out, the soot-filled pipe fell to the floor, creating a big, black cloud
that took me several days to clean up. It involved washing walls,
and emptying and washing all the dishes and cabinets.

On the plus side? I know everything is clean now.

Then hubby installed laminate flooring, and my new stove. eeek!


This wasn't a high dollar makeover, but it was a highly satisfying one.

I never thought I could enjoy cooking so much!

btw, the vintage stove found a new home on our back porch at home.

I hope you're having a wonderful summer!

hugs, debi