saying good-bye to Sugar

I didn't grow up with dogs, never wanted a dog,
and truth be told, I didn't like dogs.

Sugar was the one who changed that for me.

There is a saying about dogs 'leaving paw prints on your heart'.
It's true.

If I could hold it together long enough, I would tell you
all the wonderful things about Sugar. Like how she would ring
the bells on the family room door when she needed to go potty.....

or how when she was younger, she loved her blankies....

or how she loved to go wading in the water....

how she loved her little sister Molly, and trained her
to be a good girl just like her....

or what an amazing, and loving companion she was.

But my heart is breaking right now, so I will just say,

good-bye Sugar.

I love you, and I will miss you.


April 1998 - August 23, 2013


a shady Makeover

Another beautiful swap with the Marie Antoinette Mail Art group.

This time, we sent packages of beautiful supplies
to our partners to use in making over a lampshade.

Beautiful fabrics, laces, jewels, buttons, charms, etc.,
these are the wonderful supplies I received from Holly.

I had this vintage lampshade I had been wanting to make over.

After trying many different things, I decided to stick
with more of a simple finish. The beautiful vintage
dresser scarf was one of my favorite pieces from Holly.

Have a beautiful week!

hugs, debi