i want to Paint

I'm going to turn 60 this year, and honestly, that scares me.
I'm getting old and I don't feel like I've truly lived yet. There are
still so many things I want to do, and to learn.

My 'one little word' for 2014 is LEARN, and I've made a list.

One of the things on that list is 'learn to paint'.

I've been playing in a few online courses, one of which is
'Dancing With Your Dreams' by Amy Burke O'Toole.

It is several months long, and is being taught by several
different artists. The lessons so far have been so much fun.

These are the paintings I have done so far.

teacher - Claudia Olivos

teacher - Cathy Bluteau

teacher - Arlene Holtz

teacher - Jennifer McGee Urbanec
I'm loving this course and the teachers are so talented and fun!

I've also been doing a lot of painting in journals.....loving that,
and hope to share real soon. Hopefully, it won't be so long next time.

The weather is starting to get nicer, yuk! I am NOT a warm weather girl.

Hope you are doing something that makes your soul happy!


Claudia said...

So funny you would mention that because I have been wanting to paint lately. I don't know the first thing about it, but I bought some acrylics and I'm going to give it a try! Go for it.


June said...

These are beautiful Debi! WOW, I love that you are learning this through on-line courses. I love to paint but I set my brushes down for too long and then I feel a little rusty when I do it again.
I know what you mean about turning 60, I'm right there with you (I will be 59 in a few months) I don't mind the aging part--I just want to be sane while doing it :))))))))
sending love...

Createology said...

Your paintings are fabulous! Isn't it wonderful that we can always learn something new to us. P.S. Happy Birthday and 60 isn't scary at all. It is actually freeing! Birthday Bliss...

Cinderella Moments said...

You are truly gifted! Those paintings are beautiful. I think this is definitely something you were meant to do.

khess136 said...

How exciting, Debi!! Look at 60 as the year you open the door to the best years ever,,,you're paintings are so lovely and charming!

All Things Pretty... said...

Debi, I know exactly how you feel about the "getting old" ... although I'm just a bit behind you (turning 53 this summer), it seems that once I turned "50" everything went downhill... I feel more tired, older, and I'm starting to wonder "what have I done with my life?" My family and my doctor says it's hormonal - ME, I'm not so sure. I love that you made a list - I think I'll follow your cue. Writing things down always seems to be a good starting point for me. Thank you for sharing your beautiful art projects! xoxo Mercedes

Sugar Lump Studios said...

Amazing creations and inspiration! Love them all!

Debra Dickson said...

Boy does this resonate! It seems like I went to sleep one night, at 23, dreaming of all the potential in my future, only to wake up in the middle of the next at 50+, having a panic attack about all the things I never got to do! Now I play in my studio with glass, or paints, or my sewing machine and am learning to appreciate the perspective from this end of the run that allows me to be really authentic in my art. You do beautiful work and I'm really glad that I found your blog. :-)

Awishdream said...

Hi Debi! I love your new adventure in painting! so beautiful!...you always amaze me!