Do you find yourself getting lost on the way to doing something?
Someone please, tell me that I am not the only one who can't
seem to stay on task, and ends up wandering aimlessly. I wasn't
always like this, it seems to be happening more as I get older.

Anyway, earlier this year, my hubby tore apart the
livingroom/kitchen/hall area of our home. We removed
chair rail, wallpaper, carpet, and all of the moldings
throughout. It was a big job, but he is always such a sport.

He put in new moldings, a new kitchen door, and repainted
the rooms. We also added new carpet, and a couch and chair.

I wanted to share my new livingroom with you, but here
is where I got lost. When I went to add the photos to this post,
I found myself wandering through photo files.

I've made a few changes over the last several years.

So here is where we are today. It's a big change from all the pink
and I am loving it so much!

I'm really loving the new moldings.

The rooms were actually finished by early April, and I have yet
to do anything with this wall. The crazy thing is, I actually like it this way.

Our kitchen door comes in from the driveway, and we just
have a small landing, so we created a faux mudroom. We
used some old boards hubby had in his shop to make the coat
racks, and I got the idea for the bread pan board HERE.

During cold weather, we can now hang our coats at the back
door, and gloves and hats will go in the bread pans.

We didn't make any changes to this side of the kitchen,
but I'll share it anyway, just because it's kinda clean. ha ha

I'm going to have carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand
in a few days, so I hope we all have a wonderful week!

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Kelly Deal said...

Your're not alone! My mind always wanders......and I can never stay on task! I always have a million things going on, but since I have a month off during the summer, I was able to get a few projects done. That's a big milestone for me! Anyway, you have a lovely home! Don't change a thing, it looks gorgeous right now!