Labor Day weekend was Swiss Days in Midway, where
our cabin is located. This year, the amazing Heidi Swapp
was there selling her beautiful signature wall words.

It was quite a treat to get to meet and talk to her while
choosing a few words to take home.

Over the last month, I've been working on a fun challenge
that was inspired by the talented Judy Wise. Each day for
a full month, I painted on the same canvas.

That's a lot harder than it sounds. There were times along
the way, when I could have stopped, and called it finished.
But, I had to keep going. Some days I was happy to cover
things over, and other days I had difficulty covering things.

A lot of feelings surfaced while I was painting, and
I learned some things about myself.

Here are some of my days.

I'm so excited! I just signed up for a subscription program
with Flora Bowley called Studio Diaries. It's a full year
of 'monthly inspiration to nourish your creative soul.'

Right now, she is offering a free month of inspiration.

And, this little angel is growing up fast! She is 10 months old now,
and so amazing! She is crawling, and standing more and more.
While visiting last week, she even took a few steps on her own.

She loves the dogs, and gives kisses like crazy.

Being a gramma is the most exciting thing since becoming a mom!


Elyse said...

hi debi!

how super cool to see the evolution of your painting!!!

aw, love the peek at your little cutie, too.

happy october, birthday twin!


The Polka Dot Closet said...

What an interesting challenge and following the evolution with no recognition of how it started! What a sweet baby!